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本集團經營範圍可說得上是從High-tech至 Low-tech。


我們從不需要直接接觸客戶便可以達成銷售的的網購業務,和全球定位可追蹤式 Qrcode,以致到必須親自拿貨版給客戶去接觸和感受韓國進口真牛皮革, 這都是本集團經營的從新經營至舊經濟的領域。


除此之外,我們集團還經營進出口日本零食、美妝、酒類,在日本我們已經開設辦事處;我們也為客戶構建網購平台;還有是舉辦線上電子商貿課程和線上期貨投資課程。 如果有興趣深入瞭解,請直接聯絡我們行政總裁 Kenny Leung。

Nest Solution HK Ltd

The business scope of the Group can be said to be from High-tech to Low-tech.

We never need to directly contact customers to achieve sales online shopping business, and global positioning traceable Qrcode, so that we have to personally take the goods to customers to touch and feel the real cow leather imported from Korea. This is all operated by the group. From new economy to old economy areas.

In addition, our group is also engaged in the import and export of Japanese snacks, cosmetics, and alcohol. We have opened an office in Japan; we also build an online shopping platform for customers; we also hold online e-commerce courses and online futures investment courses. If you are interested in learning more, please contact our CEO Kenny Leung directly.



Nest Solution HK Ltd


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