Wallex Technologies是亞洲領先的B2B外匯和跨境支付平台,專為中小企業和金融科技公司提供全球擴展業務所需的支付服務。Wallex擁有46種貨幣的轉換和支付並通過虛擬帳戶收款,同時在錢包中保持資金。Wallex的支付解決方案快速、安全、低成本能幫助客戶輕鬆地進行跨境支付,獲得更具競爭力的匯率和費用,讓您的資金更有價值。作為一家擁有深厚專業知識和監管許可證的公司,Wallex已幫助像Janco Global Logistics Ltd、Buyandship、StyleTheory、Janio、Investree等超級增長的公司以及數千家企業輕鬆實現全球擴展業務。Wallex受新加坡、印尼和香港海關及稅務部門的監管許可,是您放心選擇的支付服務合作夥伴。加入Wallex,您將獲得極具競爭力的匯率和費用,以及快速、安全和低成本的支付解決方案,幫助您實現全球擴展業務的夢想。無論您是想在東南亞、印尼、新加坡、香港還是其他地區擴展您的業務,Wallex都能為您提供最優質的服務和支持。

Wallex Technologies is a leading B2B FX and cross-border payment platform in Asia, providing payment solutions for SMEs and Fintechs to expand their businesses globally. With access to 46 currencies for conversion and payment, virtual accounts for collecting payments, and wallet solutions for holding funds, Wallex provides fast, secure, and cost-effective payment solutions to empower businesses to go global.With deep domain expertise and regulatory licenses in Singapore, Indonesia, and Hong Kong, Wallex has helped thousands of businesses expand their operations globally. Wallex's payment solutions have enabled companies like Janco Global Logistics Ltd, Buyandship, StyleTheory, Janio, and Investree to achieve rapid growth and success.As a trusted payment partner, Wallex is regulated by customs and tax departments in Singapore, Indonesia, and Hong Kong, ensuring the highest level of security and compliance for its customers. By joining Wallex, businesses can take advantage of competitive exchange rates and low fees, as well as fast, secure, and low-cost payment solutions to achieve their global expansion goals.Whether businesses are looking to expand in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, or other regions, Wallex provides top-quality services and support to help them succeed. With Wallex, businesses can easily connect with global partners and open up new opportunities for growth.


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