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“KFJ International Limited.” is a knitwear company, specialized in manufacturing high-quality knitwear to Japanese fashion market. KFJ is founded in Hong Kong in 2018, we also have a joint venture with Knit Factory Company Limited, a Japanese design company . Our company provide OEM and ODM services with professional skills and rich experience, which can assist our customers based on their requirements and designs. Moreover, our company has an experienced sales team, which can provide professional advice and support to customers. At the same time, we provide quick and reliable logistics services to ensure all our products can be delivered to customers on time.

In terms of corporate social responsibility, our company has been committed to promoting sustainable development and social contribution. We use environmentally friendly materials and production processes to reduce environmental impact. We carry out production control thoroughly, in order to diminish defective garment and unnecessary wastage. Meanwhile, our company actively participating in various social welfare activities to support the development and progress of the local community.

Besides designing garments, our joint company “Knit Factory Company Limited” has an e-commerce business. And, we are responsible for manufacturing products and selling them through the internet. Brand includes Mit-U, Japre , Palude etc. 


KFJ International Limited.” 是一家針織品公司,專門為日本時尚市場製造高品質針織品。 KFJ於2018年在香港成立,我們還與一家日本設計公司 “Knit Factory Company Limited.”合資。 敝司以專業的技能和豐富的經驗提供OEM和ODM服務,可以根據客戶的要求以便協助設計款式。 此外,敝司擁有一支經驗豐富的銷售團隊,可以為客戶提供專業的建議和支持。 同時,我們提供快速可靠的物流服務,確保我們所有的產品都能按時交付給客戶。

在企業社會責任方面,敝司一直致力於推動可持續發展和社會貢獻。 我們使用環保材料和生產工藝來減少對環境的影響。 我們徹底進行生產控制,以減少有缺陷的服裝和不必要的浪費。 同時,敝司積極參與各項社會公益活動,支持當地社區的發展與進步。

除了設計服裝外,我們的合資公司“Knit Factory Company Limited”還有經營電商業務。 而我們負責製造產品並通過互聯網銷售。 我們負責的品牌包括Mit-U, Japre , Palude 等等

KFJ International Ltd.



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